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Archaeological discoveries show that enslaved people were more than merely property of their masters. Mary Minkoff explains the significance of the "Liberty" pipe. They were human beings with families, thoughts, hopes, and dreams.

  • American Slavery and Colour.
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Artifact case in the cellars of the Madison house. From tobacco cultivation in Virginia to shipbuilding in Rhode Island, industries throughout the states both supported, and were supported by, slavery. Intranational slave trade infographic.

The Mere Distinction of Colour | Montpelier

The South in particular was so reliant on slavery that after the passage of the 13th amendment 13th amendment. The constitutional amendment that banned slavery nationwide. It left a loophole for an individual to be enslaved if he or she was convicted of a crime, which many cite as being the basis for an unfair criminal justice system that's lasted into the 21st Century. The Constitution, rooted in freedom and liberty, actually protected slavery.

But Slavery Was So Long Ago…

By: Battiss, Walter. Life of Frederick Courtenay Selous, D. By: Millais, J.

The Old Corruption (Britain's Slave Trade Documentary) - Timeline

Ships and People. By: Beaumont. Betty Freund: A Nurse in France. By: Hugo, Betty. By: Hayward, Rosemary and Stratten, Nancy.

American slavery and colour

Het Rundvee, zijne verschillende Soorten, Rassen en Veredeling - 2 volumes. By: Hengeveld, G J. The First Annexation of The Transvaal.

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By: Leyds, W. Close American Slavery and Colour.