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Among the Apterygota, male genitalia in Collembola are positioned between segments 5 and 6 and in Protura between segments 11 and the paraproct. Genital segments of Pterygota include segment 9 in males and segments 8 and 9 in females.

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Postgenital segments of pterygote insects are 10 and 11 in females and 9 and 10 in males. In general there is little modification of the pregenital sclerites. A notable exception is found in the Odonata.

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Male Odonata do not have an intromittent organ on segment 9. Instead, the male moves the abdominal apex forward and deposits sperm in a reservoir along the anterior margin of the third abdominal sternum.

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Other modifications of the pregenital sclerites are not related to sexual behavior. Some of these modifications are glandular. Modification of the genital sclerites from the ground plan is frequently observed among insects. Adult Pterygota are characterized by a well-developed reproductive system, including organs of copulation and oviposition.

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This duality of function has resulted in considerable differentiation of associated segments and contributed to difference of opinion regarding homology of genitalic parts. Among pterygote insects the male genitalia are generally positioned on segment 9.

In Ephemeroptera, the tenth sternum is called a hypandrium.

The gonopore usually is located on segment 8 or 9. Enlargement of sternum 8 in some female insects is called a subgenital plate. Modification of postgenital sclerites is frequently observed and seems to be a functional response to adaptations associated with copulation and oviposition. Life Sciences Entomology.

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About this book A comprehensive, multi-author treatise on the social insects of the world, with some auxiliary attention to such adjacent topics as subsocial insects and social arachnids. The work is to serve as a very convenient, yet authoritative reference work on the biology and systematics of social insects of the world. Popular Features. New Releases. Encyclopedia of Insects.

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Description The Encyclopedia of Insects is a comprehensive work devoted to all aspects of insects, including their anatomy, physiology, evolution, behavior, reproduction, ecology, and disease, as well as issues of exploitation, conservation, and management. Articles provide definitive facts about all insects from aphids, beetles and butterflies to weevils and yellowjackets.

Insects are beautiful and dreadful, ravenous pests and devastating disease vectors, resilient and resistant to eradication, and the source of great benefit and great loss for civilization.


Important for ecosystem health, they have influenced the evolution of other life forms on our planet including humans. Anyone interested in insects, from university professors and researchers to high school students preparing a report, will find The Encyclopedia of Insects an indispensable volume for insect information.

Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x For the very acceptable price one does not just get 3. To be recommended" - Entomologischer Verein Apollo e. The wealth of information this attractively illustrated book presents will make it a valued reference for any library supporting natural history. Summing Up: Essential. All levels. This comprehensive survey of the insect world will provide academic reference collections with depth well beyond the usual smattering of identification guides.