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  1. Retiring state forester broke barriers in forestry, timber harvesting
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I spent 5 years learning about all things forest. This led me to the second stage of my relationship with forests: immersion and awe — but in a controlled environment! I learned how to compass, identify SO many species of trees and plants, and all the ins and outs of managing forests. But there were always other students and teachers around, kind of like a security blanket. No need to fear. My first job in the woods was in Northern Ontario, with the forest industry, and I will be forever grateful for that experience.

Enter stage 3: panic and irrationality. At first, I was working on tree plants, where you were lucky to find enough privacy to find your own tree to squat behind.

Retiring state forester broke barriers in forestry, timber harvesting

But eventually, I had to work solo on occasion, in the middle of vast forests. I would travel together with co-workers, then split up for the day. No cell phones, no radios. See you at 4 back at the truck! I cannot describe to you how afraid I was those first months.

It was completely due to my past perception of the woods, my lack of experience, and low confidence level. I gasped at every sound expecting an angry bear to jump on top of me. My imagination was wild. I had some really cool experiences while working in Northern Ontario, mama moose with babies crossing my survey path and casually looking my way, seeing timber wolves on the road, staying in camp and going for an evening fish to pass the time. As I spent more time in the woods, the fear slowly began to dissolve.

Another important change took place. I realized that cutting trees was ok.

And - trees grow back. Every hectare of forest is legally required to be regenerated, and plans must be in place to ensure that all values that exist today must be protected for all future generations.

Female Forester Forever: Buy Female Forester Forever Online at Low Price in India on Snapdeal

When she told friends that was her goal after graduation, support was the last thing she received from classmates. For the past seven years, Casey, 63, has been state forester, the top spot in the Alabama Forestry Commission — proving how wrong those classmates where when they tried to dissuade her from working in the woods. Before assuming the important forestry position in Alabama, she spent 34 years in jobs with International Paper Co.

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IP offered her that opportunity to become its first female forester. She said one of her college professors was aware of her desire to work in the woods and his advice never got stale through the years. While her high school classmates were asleep, she was up at 5 a. Mors Kochanski. Autumn Craig. Kristine Blair. Wilderness Steam Bath. How To Watercolor.

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