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  1. Costa Rica Frogs – Large Sanctuary at Diamante Eco Adventure Park
  2. Ranarium Lab
  3. Robert Cabral (Author of Selling Used Dogs)

We have several leaf-frogs species at the frog exhibit. From the red-eyed tree frog, golden-eyed tree frog, masked-tree frog and more! We also have one or two more species of frogs waiting to be discovered inside. This is the best way yet to guarantee a close up experience with these beautiful forest creatures.

The frog exhibit is conditioned to replicate almost exactly the rain forest conditions to create the most suitable habitat for our frogs. We also have a designated guide inside the frog exhibit that will gladly point out where they are hiding, give you more information about the frogs and be of service when needed. Red-eyed tree frog, inside of the frog exhibit. Finish the tour inside of our top of class animal sanctuary and enjoy our wildlife family.

This pass also includes a buffet lunch at the Welcome Center and access to our beach activities stand up paddle board, snorkeling, kayak and hanging out at the hammocks.

Costa Rica Frogs – Large Sanctuary at Diamante Eco Adventure Park

See What Our Customers Are saying. So what to expect from our Ranarium: Ranarium Lab Walking into the Ranarium, you will first encounter our behind-the-glass frogs. Tadpole at weeks of development. Masked tree frog in its hiding place. Email this page to a friend. Oct United States.

Ranarium Lab

Deviant for 10 years. Comments 8. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. Vinnie14 Professional Digital Artist. Congratulations for your recent graduation from AI. I haven't been much of a communicator but i seen some of your wonderful work here on DA especially some of your 3D work and I also check in on facebook to see what's going on.

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I've been doing ok got in an artistic slump but I'm making a comeback. Thank you so much.

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I need to post more 3d work here and will do in the furture along with the fun things i do in my free time. Its good you are making a comeback, your sculpture is awesome.

The school still has your sculpture you did in maquette class. Hey Bob!

Robert Cabral (Author of Selling Used Dogs)

Good stuff in your gallery! I enjoyed talking shop with you during archery breaks! Good luck out there. Let me know if you ever need anything!

Hi Steve, Thanks, you have quite a nice collection in your gallery as well.