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  1. “Loving them all” and “The Human Face of Abortion” - NRL News Today
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“Loving them all” and “The Human Face of Abortion” - NRL News Today

Experiments show that symmetry and averageness make independent contributions to attractiveness, but when the contribution of symmetry is excluded, averageness remains a significant predictor of attractiveness. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This article is about the physiognomical concept. For other uses, see Symmetry disambiguation. While symmetrical faces leftmost image are perceived to be attractive, completely symmetric faces a and b are disconcerting and are not perceived as normal. October Journal of Comparative Psychology. Retrieved 4 May Facial symmetry and judgements of attractiveness, health and personality. Personality and Individual Differences , 41 3 , Personality and Individual Differences , 39 3 , — Facial masculinity and fluctuating asymmetry.

Evolution and Human Behavior , 24 4 , — Symmetry, sexual dimorphism in facial proportions and male facial attractiveness. Proceedings: Biological Sciences, , — Symmetric faces are a sign of successful cognitive aging. Evolution and Human Behavior, 30 6 , — Human perception and performance, 22 3 , — Evolution and Human Behavior. November Language and Art in the Navajo Universe. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. Love at First Sight. DK Adult. University of California. What if she had tried to find this man again?

And what if they met? What would those conversations be like? And what would happen if they were to fall in love? Curtis felt strongly enough about the concept that she engaged a co-writer to assist Posin in developing the story. They started working on it, and I think we had a draft within about six months. To have a second chance like that would be so extraordinary, just a different dimension.

What about that? What if this happened?

The Face of Love

It was helpful knowing exactly where we had to end up… or at least where the second act had to wind up. It was just this open question. We really had no idea, even as we got closer to the end. Based on these characters that we had created, this woman and this man, it became obvious to us that there was one true way. There was only one truth for how that relationship would evolve.

For that inspiration, the writers drew on some of the classic love stories of both stage and screen. And so the whole time you feel the two them just steaming towards a cliff. But the collaboration was very good, because we seem to have the same sort of emotional taste, or storytelling taste in terms of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to reveal, and how we try to wring the most out of a moment.

So that was marvelous. It was a great back-and-forth.

I think my strengths are maybe more based in character and what an actor needs, whereas Arie has this innate feel for cinema and pacing. With a finished draft, the writers continued to refine the story while Curtis worked with her new producing partner Julie Lynn to use the script to reel in top-notch talent. I really hoped she liked the script, because Julie is always going to tell you the truth.

We were really excited to make a human story with some of the great actors that are available to us and whom we love. I was moved by it. I thought it had a lot of layers to it, so I thought maybe it could be something I might want to do.

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For Ed Harris, who had earlier signed on to the project, the news of his new co-star redoubled his enthusiasm. I did a play at the Geffen a couple of years ago, and she was a doing a play in the other theatre there, and so I got to know her a little bit. So I thought it would be fun. I called up Robin because I thought, for this part, that he would just get this guy. I get Roger, and I can do it. He was absolutely precious. The tone very sweet.

This stuff is very passionate, and very palpable. For his second feature effort, Posin had every reason for optimism--the cast and crew he and his producers had assembled had collectively received 20 Oscar nominations, including two wins. For the actors, that freedom to co-create the characters in the service of that truth was one of the great virtues of working with a writer-director. Because of course, you have to take it seriously. I love what I do.


I feel so lucky to do it, and yet, if you take it too seriously, you get into trouble and the work gets into trouble. They make each other better and you can see the respect and the compatibility on screen. I mean, their chemistry just explodes out of the screen. Literally, on the set, everyone sees it, everyone talks about it. The performers describe the dynamic in similar terms.

So we both felt very comfortable, and that was a joy. He has so much experience and skill, the he can just do the work without anything distracting him. Australian Recording Industry Association. International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Archived from the original on 2 July Irish Recorded Music Association. IFPI Sweden. Select albums in the Format field. Select Platinum in the Certification field.


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