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Thugs Cry. The two friends grew up eating noodles off of the same fork, now they are primed to eat off the drug game. From the Bricks to the ATL nigga's must bow down or get laid down. Cam'ron epitomizes the grimy streets of Newark, he's a supreme hustler with a vicious murder game. Cam'ron loves four things: his money, family, his homie, and his boo. Touch either one and you get served, Cam'ron warns the streets. Of course Newark niggas are the grimiest so they don't take heed to Cam'ron's threat, they touch all of the above.

When Thugs Cry 2

Tamika who is Cam'ron's boo makes shit hotter when she sets out to show him that he's not the only hustler checkin for her and she does not have to condone his womanizing. When Tamika gets with a hustler who refuses to let her go back to Cam'ron the consequences get catastrophic for somebody. Meanwhile, Raheem who is the polar opposite from his man, is quietly putting his G down in the Dirty South.

He knows that raising a child is hard, and time and money is spent exponentially.


He compares his former life to his future one. How is he going to take care of a child?

He hopes he inherits the good traits his mother and father passed down to him, and hopes his son never goes the path he took with the constant struggles aforementioned. All Joe wants in the imminent future is to have a family with his girlfriend, the mother of his son.

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He told them he was stepping out to buy some cigarettes He never returned. His mom wept.

Thugs Cry 2 (Volume 2) | Urban books | Urban fiction books, I love reading, Book club books

His father left the family and had a second family. To play catch with and create memories with, everything Joe missed when his father left.

He declares his love for his girlfriend—his baby momma—although she begs to differ. He wants her to stay with him, and support him as he follows his dreams of becoming a rapper. He wants her to have a relationship that is only be found in dreams.

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Also, since he got signed, people in his neighborhood changed. They looked at him for help, a handout. They felt he should assist them with exposure.